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Acquisition of CWS Lackfabrik GmbH completed

KANSAI HELIOS has completed its acquisition of CWS Lackfabrik GmbH (“CWS”). The deal was first announced at the end of November 2022. The transaction is a milestone for KANSAI HELIOS and strengthens KANSAI HELIOS system supplier strategy. It is in line with the ESG and growth strategy of the company and a perfect complement and extension of company competences, in powder coatings and synthetic resins as well as the existing liquid coating business.

With the closing KANSAI HELIOS becomes the new owner of CWS Lackfabrik GmbH (“CWS”) and its group companies in Germany, USA, Denmark and Poland. CWS is a well-known powder coatings and liquid as well as solid synthetic resins producer, with more than 150 years of tradition and its headquarters in Düren (Germany) with around 250 employees. The company is in its best shape, in terms of revenue, profit, development potential and market shares.

This consolidation represents a long-term development opportunity for KANSAI HELIOS to increase the market position in the coatings industry especially in the field of powder coatings, as well as synthetic resins.

You can read the full story here.

Now even more Coatings Expertise

Introducing the latest member of the KANSAI HELIOS Group

Since 1 August 2022, KANSAI HELIOS Wefa has been the youngest member of the KANSAI HELIOS Group. Formerly Westdeutsche Farben GmbH (“wefa“), the company has built up an excellent reputation and a strong market position as industrial coating producer in Germany over the past decades. The company continues its business operations at the previous location in Essen/Germany. It will continue to dedicate itself to the development and production of railway coatings and ACE coatings.

Combined coating know-how

wefa products are part of the group’s comprehensive brand range and clearly complement the existing brand range in the areas of railway coatings and ACE coatings. In the railway segment, KANSAI HELIOS will thus bundle its entire expertise worldwide with two brands: wefa and Rembrandtin.

KANSAI HELIOS is thus strengthening its market position with a second location in Germany and taking another important step towards increasing its competence as a system supplier for industrial coatings in Europe.

Meet Rembrandtin and Wefa at Innotrans 2022 in Berlin

Two strong brands and the complete know-how for railway coatings combined and personally for you on site. From 20 to 23 September 2022, Rembrandtin and KANSAI HELIOS Wefa will be on site together for the first time at the world’s leading trade fair for transport technology. At the world’s leading trade fair for transport technology, you will have the opportunity for the first time to discover the entire product range of Rembrandtin and wefa railway coatings. Our experts on site will inform you in detail about the latest developments.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Hall 8.1 / Stand 345. Get your free ticket code by E-Mail now!

photovoltaic backside

Environmental Award for Rembrandtin Photovoltaic Backsheet Coating

Rembrandtin has developed a special coating for the repair of cracked photovoltaic backsheets that extends the service life of damaged photovoltaic modules.  The innovative coating system was awarded the ÖGUT Environmental Award 2021. Rembrandtin thus sets another milestone in the ESG strategy of the KANSAI HELIOS Group

OEGUT Award ceremony

Monika Auer (Secretary General ÖGUT), Henriette Spyra (BMK), Gabriele Eder (OFI), Christoph Auner (Rembrandtin Coatings GmbH) Andrea Reithmayer (ÖGUT-Präsidentin), Photo: © Katharina Schiffl / ÖGUT

On 31 March, 2022, the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT) honored the best sustainability projects with the ÖGUT Umweltpreis (Environmental Award). The top prize in the category “With research and innovation to the circular economy” went to Rembrandtin. Our innovation – a special coating system for photovoltaic backsheet films – makes a significant contribution to increasing confidence in PV technology. In addition, according to the ÖGUT jury, the project “…can help Austrian companies such as Rembrandtin Coatings GmbH and Kioto, as well as research institutions such as the consortium partners PCCL, OFI, MUL or SAL involved in the PV Re^2 project, to take a leading role in PV module technology, strengthen their international competitiveness and further expand the renewable energy sector.” The performance and applicability in the field of coating structure was evaluated and tested in the course of the PV Re^2 project.

Sustainable repair of PV backsheet films: the project at a glance

Polymeric photovoltaic (PV) backsheets are designed to protect photo-electrically active components of photovoltaic modules from environmental influences. Rembrandtin has developed a special coating system consisting of primer and topcoat that restores damaged electrical insulation properties of backsheets. Further growth of near-surface microcracks is prevented and deep backsheet cracks are repaired. This can significantly increase the useful life of solar modules. In the course of the project, the applicability of the coating system was tested by the consortium partners to ensure the optimal function and quality of the coatings. PV modules in operation with cracked polyamide backsheets were disassembled and collected, and two different types of cracks, both microcracks and deep cracks, were investigated.

photovoltaic site inspection

Innovative coatings for renewable energy systems by Rembrandtin

Click here for more information about our coatings for renewable energy systems. 

Rembrandtin exhibits at Progetto Fuoco 2022

High-heat resistant in more than 20 colors. This is what our Thermodur brand stands for. As a specialist in innovative coatings for stoves, fireplace inserts and stovepipes, Rembrandtin will be represented with the Thermodur series at the upcoming international trade fair for heat and energy production equipment.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on site, from May 4 –7, 2022 in Hall 8, Booth B8, about our high heat resistant coatings that open up completely new design possibilities for your products.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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Thermodur logo and oven

Meet us at CWIEME 2022

Rembrandtin, our specialist for core plate varnishes, will be exhibiting at CWIEME 2022 – the trade show and conference for coil winding, insulation and electrical manufacturing.

Visit us at stand B15 in Halle 2.2.

Our experts will be grlad to advise you in detail about our Remisol core plate varnishes. These water-thinnable coatings are environmentally friendly, chrome-free and low-emission. They have been specially developed for the electrical insulation of electrical sheets. You can find more information about our Remisol electrical sheet coatings here.

Your free ticket to CWIEME 2022

coperion extruder

Extruders for the powder coating manufacturing of tomorrow

KANSAI HELIOS Group has just expanded its powder coating production using two ZSK Mv PLUS extruders with 43 mm screw diameters from Coperion. At Helios Coatings Italia and Helios Coatings Deutschland the twin screw extruder technology was installed and will increase efficiency through smart features.

High dispersion performance and universal suitability

Due to its very high dispersion performance and its suitability to a very broad range of recipes the Coperion ZSK extruders fulfill very high quality requirements, flexible options when manufacturing powder coatings and ensure efficient operation. Equipped with the new, user-optimized CSpro control system, complexity of its user interface is greatly reduced without losing any well-known functionalities. It can be operated intuitively by touch and the risk of possible operator error is markedly reduced.

Additionally, both of KANSAI HELIOS’ ZSK extruders have been equipped with electronically secured maintenance doors at the gearbox lantern. The screw shaft coupling can be accessed safely and quickly, leading, for example, to a clear reduction in downtime during machine maintenance and a resulting increase in the machine’s efficiency.

Powder for Sublimation Print

Powder primer for wood effects on aluminium profiles

Wood and wood imitations are permanently in trend – at home between one’s own four walls as well as outside. In both interior and exterior architecture wooden constructions are a popular stylistic element. But as great as wood is as a building material, it also has its disadvantages especially in terms of maintenance. Aluminum is therefore preferred, particularly for large glass facades. In order to give the facade a natural or unusual look, it is possible to optically enhance the aluminum surfaces with sublimation printing or to design them even more creatively. The special ECOSUBLIFIX primers of our Ecopolifix brand form the basis for the print.

Diverse design possibilities through sublimation printing

In sublimation printing ink-designed decorations are transferred from the substrate to a coated surface. This transfer occurs through heat treatment with a special coating (base material) and is also called a film transfer. For the transfer of the embellishments two industrial processes can be applied, depending on the geometry of the parts to be sublimated. For aluminum profiles or objects with a more complex geometry, the transfer film is wrapped around the support and welded. The air is extracted to create a vacuum and to ensure good adhesion of the film. The film transfer takes place in the oven at 200°C for a few minutes. For aluminum plates or flat objects the transfer film is stretched over a carrier. The decoration is transferred in a few minutes using a printing press with a 200°C heated plate.

With both methods the inside of the ink – the sublimation ink – is protected from external influences. Accordingly, the finished decor has excellent durability. Depending on the customer wishes, wood, marble or granite decorations, or numerous other designs, patterns, colours and shades can be imitated. Originally, the sublimation technique was developed for the textile sector, but for several decades it has also been used for the design of aluminum windows, window frames, curtain walls, doors or sectional doors, etc.

Modern Architecture House wood metal
aluminium wood window frame

Polyester powder base for any wood effect

Ecopolifix already offers a range of sublimation coatings suitable for realistic imitations of different types of wood on aluminum panels. The products guarantee full coverage of all color shades required to reproduce any wood effect. They offer great transfer properties for wood effect sublimation films and excellent protection against weathering. Due to the many different color shades they allow an unlimited range of decorations. Some carrier layers also have a surface that is characterized by pleasant warmth and softness.

Main characteristics of the polyester powder primers:

  • Average application thickness 80–120 µm
  • Full cure temperature 200°C x 15–20 minutes
  • High cross-linking density
  • Easy removal of the film after sublimation
  • High resolution, decorative ornaments
  • Excellent weather resistance

More information about Ecopolifix 

Sample Plates of EP 11-26 Epoxy primer in spray cabine

High-solid Epoxy Primer EP 11-26

No sagging up to 200μm, easy application, fast drying and overcoatability are only a few highlights of the primer EP 11-26. This innovative high-solid epoxy primer is an environmentally friendly coating solution due to its low VOC content. The primer is suitable for various surfaces and allows wet-on-wet application. It is used in the system of corrosion protection for various objects and fields:

  • vehicles,
  • agricultural and construction machinery,
  • agricultural equipment,
  • rail vehicles,
  • steel construction,
  • machine components and more.

Are you interested in this high-solid epoxy primer?

Our expert will be glad to support you:

Miha Dergan
+386 41 355 038


Chromium-free electrostrip coating by Rembrandtin

Chromium trioxide derivates are now classified as CMR substances and the unrestricted use of these substances expired in the EU on the 21st of September 2017. Therefore, a change to chrome-free solutions is indispensable. Rembrandtin has developed a chromium-free alternative for electric strip coating.


Product advantages at a glance

  • water-dilutable one-component coating
  • chromium-free
  • produces a high tensile stress on the electrical steel strip
  • coating thickness range: 2-4μm

REMISOL EB 5320  is an inorganic coating of class C5-G according to ASTM 976. This product serves as electrical insulation for grain-oriented steel. The one-component-coating is water-dilutable and chrome-free. It is available as a clear or pigmented version. The pigmented version enables a homogeneous appearance of the coated electrical steel.

For more information, please visit Rembrandtin Website or contact our expert directly:

Dr. Johann Schellenberg
+43 664/966 39 36

The new KANSAI HELIOS Group Management Board

Environmental Social Governance – The core direction of the new KANSAI HELIOS Group Management Board

From April 1, the new KANSAI HELIOS Group Management Board has been performing its function. Four executive directors joined their strengths to support the growth strategy of the KANSAI HELIOS Group. A strong focus on environmentally friendly products and processes, employee health and safety, continuous research and development as well as strategic investments represent big steps towards future success on the European market.


Dietmar Jost, Junichi Kajima, Mitsuru Masunaga, Bastian Krauss

In recent years, HELIOS has been intensifying its activities for environmental protection. The company developed and designed solutions, which not only protect objects, but also extend their lifetime significantly. New coatings solutions to reduce the consumption of all types of resources and the products’ carbon footprint have been launched. Raw materials from renewable resources are step by step replacing conventional materials. Energy is generated entirely from renewable sources or produced in our own solar power plants. Production processes are continuously improved to reduce waste and respectively reuse the waste in the production process.

A year ago, we launched our internal initiative “We turn it green” to raise awareness of each individual employee, because even the small actions in terms of environmental protection, such as reducing water or paper consumption, contribute to the realization of KANSAI HELIOS’ sustainability goals.

All of these efforts take an even greater importance with the start of the new KANSAI HELIOS Group Management Board in early April. The board is formed by four Executive Directors, who not only embody the further strategic growth course of HELIOS, but also express the closer cooperation and collaboration with both shareholders, KANSAI PAINT and MITSUI.

  • Mr. Junichi Kajima, President, Executive Director
  • Mr. Mitsuru Masunaga, Executive Vice President, Executive Director
  • Mr. Dietmar Jost, Executive Director
  • Mr. Bastian Krauss, Executive Director

Mitsuru Masunaga, Dietmar Jost and Bastian Krauss will split their focus to strategically important key areas according to their professional background, while Mr. Junichi Kajima, the President, will supervise all areas. The new structure will further improve management efficiency and support KANSAI PAINT’s growth strategy towards a unified global company group. Environmental Social Governance will play an essential role on that journey.

Junichi Kajima has made it his goal to further sharpen KANSAI HELIOS strengths and additionally improve its profitability:

“The KANSAI HELIOS Group has been delivering sustainable profit growth while building a solid business foundation in a challenging business environment. This is the result of excellent teamwork and ongoing investments in new technologies, products, and research & development. And these investments, as well as investments in human resources coupled with a safe working environment, will continue. Our responsibility as a chemical company is also to make a valuable contribution to the future of our planet and society. Together with the KANSAI PAINT headquarters in Japan, we are working on joint sustainability projects as part of our ESG management. And in this context, the area of compliance is fundamental, because it is our basic management principle to develop and implement honest and fair corporate activities. My mission is to extend and sustainably expand the company´s success into the future and thus contribute to making the KANSAI PAINT Group a leading global company.”

Mitsuru Masunaga will have a strong focus on upholding and maintaining the company’s reputation and will further strengthen and support the company´s growth strategy through organic and inorganic approaches:

“We live in rapidly changing times where employee values and corporate integrity are constantly being tested. At KANSAI HELIOS, we have defined our core values and a standard of expected business behaviour in our Code of Conduct, which helps our employees make the right decisions. As ethical behaviour is an integral part of our culture, we will continue to put a strong focus on its further development and implementation. How the public perceives us is a key success factor for the further growth of the company, which will be one of my main targets. Leveraging closer cooperation and collaboration with KANSAI PAINT and MITSUI will additionally open up new opportunities and synergies for us and our business partners.”

Dietmar Jost will primarily focus on the further development of the sales strategy in Europe:

“We are striving for long-term partnerships with our customers throughout Europe. A well-educated sales team is essential and sharing our know-how with customers goes one step further. Within the framework of our HELIOS Master Classes, we will further strengthen our training and information program and thus intensify our partnerships. Integrating and exchanging state-of-the-art products and technologies with KANSAI PAINT and MITSUI will continue to enrich our assortment and to create innovations which strengthen HELIOS’ position as a system supplier on the European market. Furthermore, we will continue to promote cross-industry partnerships with the potential to develop solutions that contribute to society.”

Bastian Krauss will work intensively to further upgrade production technologies and safety:

“Technologies in the industrial manufacturing change extremely rapidly in order to deliver products faster and create a more flexible production process. The size of our group allows us to draw on a pool of experience and integrate it into our production processes in line with our growth strategy. Best practice learnings, new technologies and optimized processes are steadily entering all our entities and operational fields. Additional investments will intensify our effort in environmentally friendly activities and developments. In these dynamic processes we will be regularly monitoring the safety and health of all employees by continuing and advancing our occupational zero-accident-policy.”

The company’s intense focus on environmentally friendly processes, a strong cooperation between all KANSAI HELIOS Group members and smart investments in new technologies as well as human resources can only intensify our good results. The new Group Management Board is using their expertise to further develop and improve all sides of business operations, our position on the market as well as our sustainability goals.  |  |