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REMSOLAR: Coatings for a greener future

Remsolar is the new coating series from Rembrandtin. The innovative system protects photovoltaic backsheets from humidity and UV radiation with electrical insulating function.  Fluorine or fluorine free systems in white, black and transparent for mono and bifacial modules are available.

In accordance with the highest quality standards, Rembrandtin is constantly further developing the Remsolar product range, especially in terms of color shades and guarantee times, which will both gain in importance in the photovoltaic industry.

The worldwide share of photovoltaic energy will grow significantly. The trend in architecture is towards photovoltaic structures to be integrated in the building concept already in the construction phase in facades or balconies. Furthermore, the technology is from growing importance in the car industry. Rembrandtin is constantly observing the market in order to already develop solutions for future requirements in the solar energy sector.

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Ultimate durability for wooden surfaces

Wood, as a natural organic material, is exposed to degradation processes in outdoor products caused by non-living and living factors. Precipitation, water, high temperature fluctuations and UV sunlight cause alternating shrinkage and swelling of wood and relatively slow damage to wood, which can become visible only after a few years in the form of colour changes, cracks and relief structure of the wood surface.

HELIOS provides special wood coating solutions to protect exterior wooden surfaces against these degradation factors for a long time with various surface coatings. Indirectly, our coatings also protect wood from wood fungi and insects, which cause more pronounced and faster changes in the wood and can destroy it in just a few months.

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