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Powder for Sublimation Print

Powder primer for wood effects on aluminium profiles

Ecopolifix offers a range of sublimation coatings suitable for realistic imitations of different types of wood on aluminum panels.

Sample Plates of EP 11-26 Epoxy primer in spray cabine

High-solid Epoxy Primer EP 11-26

No sagging up to 200μm, easy application, fast drying and overcoatability are only a few highlights of the primer EP 11-26.


Chromium-free electrostrip coating by Rembrandtin

Rembrandtin has developed a chromium-free alternative for electric strip coating.

The new KANSAI HELIOS Group Management Board

Four executive directors joined their strengths to support the growth strategy of the KANSAI HELIOS Group.


Unique state-of-the-art coating line at Brantner

The complete manufacturing process of Brantner trailers is carried out in-house – including the latest application technology …

Digital Printing Coil

A Revolution in the Coil Coating Process

Faster, cheaper and more flexible: single-pass digital printing in coil coating is an innovation that is revolutionizing the coil coating process.

True Colours magazine: Putting energy into innovation

Please have a look at our stories where we are picturing true energy driving our innovation. At HELIOS, true stories are based …

REMSOLAR: Coatings for a greener future

The innovative system protects photovoltaic backsheets from humidity and UV radiation with electrical insulating function. 

Ultimate durability for wooden surfaces

Wood, as a natural organic material, is exposed to degradation processes in outdoor products caused by non-living and living factors.