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HELIOS industrial coating solutions stand for high product quality and technical support in all industrial fields, such as transportation, energy, sports goods, white goodes and more.

Color Powder Coatings brand by HELIOS TBLUS is well-known as powder coating “allrounder”, offering industrial powders from small batches to large series, from standard systems to customized solutions.

Ecopolifix powder coatings are the efficient answer to a fast growing market with over 750 RAL colors on stock and a large selection of Qualicoat and GBS certified paint systems.

Rembrandtin is your specialist for high-performance industrial coatings. Decades of experience make Rembrandtin a reliable partner with global approvals from market leaders in the general industry and the railway sector.

Inorganic and innovative zinc flake coatings with extremely thin layers and highest cathodic corrosion protection. This is what REMCOR by Rembrandtin stands for.

The Thermodur coating series from Rembrandtin are economical, functional and meet the highest quality standards. With their wide range of colours, they open up previously undreamt-of possibilities, particularly for the finish of stoves, oven inserts, hotplates, toasters and other high heat applications.

Floor Expert epoxy design coatings give each room a unique and individual touch. An endless variety of decorative floors are possible due to the different application techniques. For this reason, Floor Expert is used in private and commercial interior areas.

Roof Expert is a flexible, liquid, environmental friendly, acryl, water based membrane for roof waterproofing. It is indeed the optimal solution for roofs.